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Tips on how to establish your personal boundaries

The reality is that establishing your personal boundaries is uncomfortable and awkward.

So, my first tip is get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

The good news is that it gets easier.

Second – learn to say no. It is a totally acceptable answer. You don’t have to explain unless you want to.

Third – listen to what your gut is saying and honor it. If someone asks something from you and it doesn’t feel good, then either say no, or say you need to think about it so you have time to assess.

Fourth – sometimes the most powerful way of taking care of your boundaries is by looking at the situation from a new perspective. Let’s say mom says something that really triggers you. Take a broader look. Where is that statement really coming from? Is there more to her back story than you know which made her react in that way? Maybe this is really not directed at you at all, and you don’t have to be defensive.

Taking care of yourself by establishing healthy boundaries is the most important part of self care. It is essential for your mental health. At the end of the day, you are the only one totally invested in taking care of you, so you have to do what supports you. Even if it is with your loved ones.

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