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The Secret to Happiness

I’ve met a new man. It was last Saturday. I was walking down the Parkway along the Ottawa River. He was walking in front of me. I went to pass him and as I did, I saw that he was taking a picture that I just messed up. I said I was sorry and jumped out of the way. And that’s how it started.

We ended up walking together for about 15 minutes. I felt an instant connection, it was like we had known each other for years and could talk about anything. And yet, sadly, I never even got his name.

He was 85. He told me he has been married for 64 years and his wife is 83. She was not walking with him because he slows her down because he likes to stop and take pictures:)  Of course, me being the curious person that I am, I had to know more and started to ask questions which led to one of the most wonderful conversations of my life.

Much of our conversation was tongue-in-cheek, lots of laughter. He started by telling me he was a “grounded runner” and was frustrated because it was an incredible day and he wanted to run. He was a runner up until 5 years ago when he had his first heart attack. Yep, I did the math, he was running until he was 80!!! He was not sure why he ended up with heart problems since he was active and healthy but there you have it. The doctor told him to quit running and walk instead.

When he told me he had been married for 64 years, I asked him what’s the secret to a long and happy marriage? Men needed to be submissive he says…and learn that the woman is always right. Awesome I say, I’m running home to tell my fiancé and we both burst out laughing. In truth he tells me that the key to being in a relationship is to keep talking. TV and phones are the death of relationships he says. Families no longer talk and they need to talk, face to face to stay connected.

After much laughter and conversation, covering everything from photography to healthy eating to menopause and how difficult it is on men dealing with “aging women”, we parted ways. His final words to me were serious and words that have rung over and over in my head every day since and so I pass them on to you…..”Enjoy your life, and keep talking”. Thank you for your words of wisdom my friend.