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Discover how to let go of this idea that we have to be superwomen!

That she will be expected to have a career, plus will more than likely still be the main person taking care of the home and children.

She will be expected to put others needs before her own because it will be selfish to take care of her own needs first.

That she must strive to be perfect in everything she does but make it look effortless.

She will forever be on the bottom of her to-do list.

And the pressures of trying to be superwoman will eventually leave her exhausted and overwhelmed, and will leave her struggling with guilt because she will feel like she’s failing……

All. The. Time.

Sound ridiculous? Hell yes!!! But this is what we expect of ourselves and are suffering as a result.

And sooooooo many are suffering in silence. Not realizing how unrealistic and unhealthy this perception of who we think we should be really is.

Perception is the key word here.

Our perception of who we should be was taught to us by words, example, belief patterns, culture, situational, etc.

The great news is that it is possible to change your perception!!

Test questions to see if you should be making some changes to your perception.

  • Is your perception of who you should be empowering you, or overwhelming you?
  • Or better question, do you give yourself the same love, grace, care, forgiveness, and realistic expectations that you give to your friends and daughters?

My mission in life is to empower women to live a more peaceful, fulfilling life by changing your perception of what you think you should be doing, to living your life for you, with reduced stress and anxiety.

My talent is connecting the dots to find the origin of your perception and then giving you the resources and education to empower you with a new way of being. If you are ready to make changes, contact me via the link below with a free consultation and let’s have a chat!

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