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Change your story, change your life

Of all the “stories” you are telling yourself about:

  • how you should be able to handle it all without asking for help
  • about why you cannot say no to whatever is asked of you
  • why it is better and easier to take care of “things” yourself instead of delegating
  • of why good is never good enough

Whatever your story is, what would be the WORST thing that could happen to you should fail to live up to your story??

Rejection was one of my worst-case scenario’s.

If I didn’t perform in a way I thought I should be performing, then people might figure out I’m not as together, as smart, as capable as I want them to believe. They might realize I’m an imposter and reject me. My identity rely’s on performing well as this is the only way I know how to qualify my worth to other people?

And that is the real root of the problem.

Qualifying your worth comes from the inside. And no amount of running yourself ragged, nor berating yourself for not having it all together, is going to change your quality of life until you deal with the real issue of recognizing your own worth. Finding a new perspective on who you are is how you get unstuck and find your way back to yourself.

Change your story, change your life.