Patricia Carr Life Coach

Empowering women to let go Superwoman

and find your way back to yourself!!

Here’s the thing—women are particularly talented at putting on a show for the world, pretending like everything’s perfect. But deep down, it’s a different story, right? And that constant act? It’s draining, and it’s stressing you out.

Hi, I'm Patricia

and I'm here to help you ditch that nagging voice in your head that keeps saying you're not enough!

There was a time in my life when I was really struggling and thought that life shouldn’t be this hard. Why was it so difficult for me to just be happy? Why did it feel like I’m never quite good enough regardless of how hard I tried? The constant second-guessing, replaying conversations in my head to make sure I didn't mess up—it was exhausting.

Making sense of the baggage, including the mindsets of perfectionism and people pleasing that held me back became my mission. Now, as a life coach and mindset coach, I share the lessons I've gained to assist other women facing similar challenges.

I've been there, and I've found my way through.

Understand yourself and why you're stuck

We all carry a past that can influence our present and future.

Your unique story subtly shapes your decisions and direction.

Through our work together, we'll explore deeply, identifying and healing the underlying issues that may be hindering your progress.

After our work together, you'll be empowered to:


Let go of those “should” statements. The ones that say you "should" be able to handle everything, you “should” never make mistakes" or you “should” know all the answers.
Reduce your stress and anxiety as a result of letting go of those crazy high, unreasonable expectations of yourself.
Find a new perspective so you can celebrate your successes.
Take back control of your life.

My Services:

Coaching Program

Unlock your best life with Patricia!

Feeling overwhelmed or undervalued? Dive deep with Patricia to:

  • Discover the true reasons behind your beliefs and behaviours.
  • Clarify your heart's desires.
  • Act with confidence towards your dreams.

Join our transformative program, tailored for your convenience via Zoom. Embrace your worth, find balance, and say 'no' when it matters most.

Ready to craft your dream life? Dive in to find out more!

Unlocking Optimism: My Transformative First Coaching Session with Patricia

I had my first formal coaching session with Patricia the other day and I cannot emphasize enough how incredible it was! Although I am just beginning my self-healing journey with her, I already feel that I have a more optimistic outlook on things and am looking forward to continuing on this trajectory. For those of you who are feeling "stuck" in any way, put yourself first and book a complimentary discovery meeting with Patricia.

—Christina N.

Finding my seat in the world: A Journey of acceptance with Patricia

Patricia has given me the tools to RELATE to the world and life's curveballs. What a powerful word this was for me. It means finding my seat in the world. Belonging without having to change who I am. Accepting myself and seeing my value, what I bring to the table.

She's patient, understanding, reassuring, and so helpful when it comes to seeing things from another perspective. Her laugh is contagious! I felt lost and drained when I reached out to her. Patricia helped me figure out that who I am helped me navigate through life but the boundaries that were so helpful until today, no longer serve me.

I was able to tackle my anxieties and resentments. I learned acceptance. Something I will keep working on every day.

Patricia is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!! She was my treasure this year for sure!

Thank you Patricia!

— Lucy

Cutting Through the Noise: Patricia's Insightful Questioning

You ask the right questions to allow me to focus on the real issue rather than all the noise that moves me away from the main question at hand.


Embracing Strength in Vulnerability: Patricia's Guided Path to Personal Evolution

Through gentle yet intentional questioning, Patricia was able to get me to ‘lean in’ to what was blocking me from better handling life’s pressures. This has allowed me to evolve as an individual; to address personal and professional challenges from new perspectives; and to accept that strength emerges through vulnerability and acceptance.

—Angela W, Entrepreneur

How the coaching program works

  • The coaching program includes 8 sessions. The first session is 90 minutes with the remaining 7, at 60 minutes each.
  • Our sessions will take place in the comfort of you own home or office, or wherever you feel most comfortable, at a time convenient for you via Zoom.
  • We can book the sessions weekly, or bi-weekly, depending on your situation.
  • You can pay in full upfront, or by a convenient payment plan.

Contact me today to get unstuck and create a life you love!